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The staff at Club Canine is made up of caring professionals who strive to make each dog who enters the facility feel welcome, safe, and comfortable.

Our entire team believes in doing whatever it takes to deliver the best care possible to each client and treats all dogs (and their owners) with the dignity and respect they deserve. We provide compassionate care for four-legged family members and would be honored to be entrusted with your pet’s care.

Club canine staff

Meet our Team!

Delihla Walker - Assistant Manager

Delihla's voyage towards working with animals started in a completely different direction. After high school she wanted to follow one of her passions of cooking so went on to put herself through college working two full time customer service jobs while going to culinary school full time. After college she was able to follow her dream for a short amount of time but had to cut it short due to developing carpal tunnel. As a child she loved animals but had allergies to some so she wasn't able to have as many animals as she dreamt of. So after leaving the culinary field she knew she wanted to follow another path of things she loved and that was animals. After spending time working at her local petting zoo, she found her way to Club Canine and became part of a new family.

After finding Club Canine Delihla knew she found her place. Being an advocate and voice to the fur friends that come through the doors and wanting nothing but the best. Recently married Delihla's family consist of a snake, three dogs, and a soon to be new addition to the family a first child that will get to enjoy the affection of animals as she wanted as a child herself.

Delihla loves working with each dog at Club Canine she makes it a point to memorize the animals, their likes, dislikes, comforts, and always remembers whether they're there weekly, monthly or yearly. Club Canine has become that new home she was looking for and has become part of the profession that she was meant for.


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If your four-legged best friend deserves the best of the best (and we’re sure they do!), choose Club Canine for dog boarding, day camp, grooming, and training in Granite Falls, Hickory, Lenoir, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more or to sign your pet up for our services. We can’t wait to meet you!


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